iPOPY International Conference. Novel strategies for Climate Mitigation, Sustainability and Healthy Eating in Public Foodscapes

Copenhagen Institute of Technology, Denmark
November 25th-26th, 2009

Climate change is a challenge to public large scale foodscapes since our food choices has a significant climate impact. Traditional approaches to climate friendly food choice addresses the responsibility of the individual. The iPOPY research project takes a different approach – a collective one. We focus on how professional decision makers, public planners and politicians can impact climate through the strategies that they choose in large scale food environments and how organic food supply can be integrated. We focus on settings where large number of individuals gathers – the public foodscapes.

iPOPY researchers are committed to explore the potential of foodscapes in which young people gather, since they are our consumers of tomorrow. We invite researchers, policy makers and practitioners to a conference on novel strategies for climate mitigation, sustainability and healthy eating in public foodscapes.

The conference will address important topics on why public food services should consider environmental issues as a part of their menu planning, and how to achieve this objective – from practician to becoming a practitioner. Further, we will explore two different foodscapes, respectively eating at large scale cultural events, and eating at school. Both are social settings where food is consumed and there is a potential for significant long-term shaping of food habits. Hence, such settings may act as an important way to educate consumers of tomorrow to both healthy and sustainable food patterns. Read more about the iPOPY research project.

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